Video: Allen West Wraps Up C.P.A.C. 2/12/2011

Congressman Allen West was the keynote speaker at this year’s 2011 CPAC conference. He did a phenomenal job delivering a speech that embodies the core principles of the Conservative message and reminded us all of the important decisions that we need to make for 2012. Here is the video of his keynote speech today, February 12, 2011…(Viewers tip, if you want to skip to just Allen West’s speech, fast-forward to approximately the 7:15 mark)

* Update: Unfortunately, C-SPAN felt that it was more important to cut to President Obama’s weekly blather session(perhaps they could have aired his speech on one of their other channels?), so the last minutes of Allen West’s speech were cut-off. I managed to find the speech in it’s entirety at The Right Scoop. The finish is simply awesome, so you must go there to see the speech(that is until I can find a YouTube version that has the end). Head to The Right Scoop post here.

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