Can we really trust Islam as the liberals would have it?

In light of the absolute apathy from the left-leaning community towards what Islam advocates within their religion, I have decided to start including posts that call attention to what is happening in homelands of the “Religion Of Peace”. It is my contention that there is no peace in Islam and that despite attempts at taqiyya when asked about it, true followers of Islam will carry these acts out if given the chance even here in America. It is important that this stuff is shared somewhere because whether Americans choose to follow this stuff or not, it is going on everyday around the world. I am going to be creating a new category titled, “Religion Of (No) Peace” which will include my posts.

We can choose to bury our heads in the sand and ignore what is happening but that only serves to stop it from happening in our conscious thought. What about the people that are victims of perhaps the most violent theology on the planet today? We may choose to say that this is how they practice in their homelands but it’s different in America. Does that somehow make those who follow the religion in a less violent way the true representatives of the religion? We may choose to suggest that those in the land of Islam are just following a strict form of the religion. Aren’t we merely mitigating the religion or the followers here in America to create a social acceptance of it? When was the last time an American court ordered the cutting off of a hand for theft? When was the last time an American court or any religious leader in America carried out the death sentence of anyone for leaving their religion? When was the last time that an American court ordered anyone to be stoned to death?

Stoning to death… burying a human being in the ground up to mid chest level with their arms in the ground while a bunch of people throw stones larger than softballs at the upper torso of that person who is now defenseless above ground. Here in America, too many on the left scream for changes to the death penalty because it is cruel and unusual punishment while they still think it’s ok to have partial birth abortions or any abortions at all. It is that hypocrisy combined with the apathy towards Islam that exposes just how confused the liberal folks are today.

It is baffling how so many on the left will decry religion altogether but rally behind Islam. Ever notice how many liberals push for gay rights while still welcoming Islam as a misunderstood religion? Have they no idea what the Qur’an says about homosexuality? Would they like to state their open support for the gay lifestyle on the street corners of Medina, Tehran, or Cairo? This support for Islam by the liberal members of the Democrat Party exemplifies the very truth in the proverbial expression, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” All that they are doing is using the cause of Islam to further advance the goals of the Democratic Party. What seems to elude these people is that their newfound ally will just as quickly consume them once Islam is done with them. This relationship is only as deep as the respect that the true followers of Islam have for gays, religious tolerance, women’s equal rights, and free society in general.

What part of the definition of Islam do they fail to understand? Islam means “submit”. The practitioners of Islam may insist that the submission is to Allah and there is truth to that, however the liberals fail to accept the part in the Qur’an that calls for non-believers to be killed. Don’t think that is true today? Read through the Pew Research Center’s report from December 2010 where they discuss the issues regarding Islam in politics as well as general society in several Middle Eastern countries. In their research, Pew takes on the application of Sharia Law and asks on a nation by nation basis how the people feel towards stoning, death penalty, and the administering of severe laws for certain “crimes.” 

But what about just being born a woman? Would you want to be forced into a marriage with someone not of your choosing? How terrible must that be to be forced to marry someone that you’ve never met and can’t divorce either. Or even worse, because your deciding chromosome came up as a “X” instead of a “Y” you have to endure a particularly disturbing practice of female genital mutilation… This is very real and very common practice that is happening daily throughout Egypt and is covered very well by Bunkerville in this article here.

Now let’s examine why Islamization is a real and serious concern for America… As we see the events continue to unfold in Egypt, we’re seeing a possible microcosm of what could happen throughout the East. We are witnessing the fall of “Mubarak the dictator” in the media’s reporting but what is missing is the fall of a moderate leader who worked for maintaining a peaceful balance between the hardline muslims and the Coptic Christians as well as the other smaller religions in Egypt. It is already evident that, should the Muslim Brotherhood achieve power over the country, we will see a tremendous change in the relationship of Egypt and any non-muslim nation. What should we watch for in this period of disorder? What we are seeing is a rising tide of Muslim extremism(by American media standards only) that is about to overtake the general status quo of a regional ally. We need to observe how hardline muslims transform a country that has had little to no problems with their neighbors into a country like Iran where there is a heightened level of distrust amongst them and the rest of the civilized world.

Looking beyond the change in the Middle East alone, we need to recognize the population growth of muslims throughout many of the European countries and examine carefully the influence that they are having on the traditions and policies of those countries. We, here at home, also need to understand that the growth in America is very much real and we are already starting to see the pressure that comes from the muslim community. With such loud vocal groups as CAIR constantly barking at every single issue that comes up in America while semi-secretly telling the members of Islam to not work with government agencies, we need to ask, “Can we really trust these people?” Let’s not overlook ISNA, International Society of North America, who works with the muslim youth(the future of muslims in America). They are propagating the idealistic mindset of muslims in America while working in conjunction with North American Trust which is the financial side of ISNA. All three of these organizations are labeled as a “unindicted co-conspirator” in the Holy Land Fund trial in 2007 where the HLF was convicted of funneling donations to Hamas and other Islamic extremist groups. It should be noted that the HLF was the LARGEST Islamic charity in the US at the time. The founders of HLF were sentenced to life after being proven to have funneled $12 million dollars to Hamas. So, are we expected to trust these leading Islamic groups in America which seek to gain a position of respect while they are involved in rallying money for terrorists?

At some point we must decide whether the so-called moderates are really friends or are just subversives trying to gain a foothold so that they can pretend to be a legitimate organization while they enact their future deconstruction of America like they’ve done in Egypt, Iran, and are setting up to do in Europe. The line between moderate muslim and hardline muslims becomes indistinguishable when you look at a member of CAIR handing money to the Holy Land Fund who then hands it to Hamas in order to carry out terrorism. Can you really tell the difference anymore? Even though CAIR says that they are moderate and they want to be accepted as a friend of America and her allies, they are only one set of hands away from the Hamas militants who are killing America’s allies and even Americans themselves.

It is time for America to put aside the rose-colored politically correct glasses and put on her bifocals. We must first take in what we see, hear, and read… then we must analyze it very carefully against what has already happened and against what is happening in the world around us. Remember, some in America may want to see Islam as the “Religion Of Peace” but we can’t take our interpretations of religion in the West and transpose them on the religion of the Middle East. We have to ask ourselves, are they lying in the poll conducted by Pew Research Group and in their acts against humanity or are they lying to us in order to gain power over us. That may seem like a far-fetched concept or that will never happen here but what can happen in 30 years time? Hosni Mubarak can come to power as an ally and well respected by his people and 30 years later he can be overthrown by a powerful muslim movement called the Muslim Brotherhood.

Did you know that they have branches all throughout America and their motto is, “God is our purpose, the Prophet our leader, the Qur’an our constitution, Jihad our way and dying for God’s cause our supreme objective.” Do you still want to trust them?

*** I want to add two excellent articles to consider reading after mine:

Both are well written and will cause you to take a moment to consider what we’re seeing and what’s happening in America and the world.

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22 Responses to Can we really trust Islam as the liberals would have it?

  1. Questioning – may I ask…do you have any Muslim friends?

    • I live in Orlando, in an area that is heavily populated by Muslims. I live less than three miles from a mosque and there are 3 mosques within 10 miles of my home. I know many Muslims, having worked for Walt Disney World. I have several friends that are Ramadan Muslims as you called them and a couple of former Muslim friends that I walked away from because of their unabashed hostility towards Israel and support for Islamic supremacy over the world. One friend whom I had many in-depth discussions about Islam and the Qur’an confided in me that he used pages out of the Bible as toilet paper. Needless to say, that changed my friendship in an instant. I understand(I think) where you are headed with this question based on the last comment on the other post… look, it’s not hate when you tell the truth. I have not misrepresented a single fact about Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood, or terrorism. I have only supplied quotes from the actual Muslim Brotherhood… you can’t tell me that it is hate from me when it’s their own words that I’m quoting. If you attempt to take the approach that somehow I don’t know Muslims or don’t understand them because I don’t have any experience with them, then you could not be further from the truth. This will be the point at which we will agree to disagree. This is a no-compromise position for me. I make no apologies for my stance as it comes from much reading(including much of the Qur’an), much discussion, and many different levels of relationships with Muslims. Google “Orlando mosque”… that is the mosque located 3 miles from my home and the former friend with the TP problem attends that mosque. He told me all about George Galloway coming to the mosque before he even came. I was shocked to find this all out and it was verified that he raised funds but that’s when the spin started… “it was donations for local charities”, which is false. Trust and defend them if you will, but you cannot ignore the very heart of their holy book. Moderates will tell you it’s in there but they don’t follow it. What will they say if they are confronted by hardline Muslim Imams?

      • We’ll have to agree to disagree.

        That said, if I had a “friend” like that who used pages from the Bible as TP, he would be my friend no longer. That’s just beyond disrespectful.

      • The unfortunate part of that story is that it came during a discussion in which I took an extremely adamant stance AGAINST Pastor Terry Jones burning the Qur’an because it is my position no matter how we may feel about any particular religion, we must not ever desecrate their religious books or idols. We should respect the books in a way that does not destroy them or defile them. If we disagree with another religion or how another ideology practices their faith, we need to speak against the actions or point out the problems within the book. I was mortified to hear him tell me that and somehow he failed to comprehend the correlation between the two examples.

      • Wow. I could not even imagine hearing something so horrible. Basic respect is lacking today.

  2. Bunkerville says:

    Great post.. thanks for the link.

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  4. OK, Questioning. This is what I’m having trouble with – are you distrustful of Islam or groups like the Muslim Brotherhood? Since you see the “Islamization” happening all over the world, what do you suggest we do with the millions of Muslims already here? You said you have Muslim friends. Do they pose a threat? I’m just trying to wrap my head around this.

    • Both, Spinny. I am distrustful of muslims based on a number of factors… First, I have to call into question whther there is a clear difference that can be made between radical and moderate when the apparent radicals call themselves moderate and there are no opposing voices from what you or I may consider moderates. In other words, I had MANY in-depth discussions with my moderate friends about issues relating to terrorism. In the course of these conversations, they insist that actrs of terror defy the teaching of the Qur’an yet will not state that CAIR or ISNA harbor the animosity that is shared by their terrorist friends which they’ve financially supported. Do you support terror? Would you call for donations that you know is going to a world-wide recognized terror organization? CAIR and ISNA both do. When asked about specific passages within the Qur’an, I’ve been told that those are either English misinterpretations or being perverted by terrorists. However, if you read the Qur’an the overwhelming theme of the teaching is a mandated conversion of all those who do not pray to Allah and for those who do not, they are labeled non-believers. There are repeated descriptions of what is to happen to non-believers so to say that it is only a misrepresentation or a perversion isn’t entirely accurate.

      Again, the faith is unequivocal about what is to happen to homosexuals, the role of women, how women are to be treated, and the punishments for abuses of their directions. I understand your point about you having friends who are Muslims and that they are not into that strict teaching, however if they were to go back to their native countries, they would either have to accept the teaching in the pure form or they would be a non-believer and meet their ends. Now, what are we to do as a nation if we have allow the continued influx of radicalized Imams here? There are many groups within this country already asking for a more strict interpretation of the Qur’an… how long do we acquiesce to that element before the spread is beyond manageable levels? We must stop the spread and look at what we have here already. We have documented MANY radical Imams who have set up shop here and have directed attacks on America. We need to legitimately start profiling Muslims and monitor their activities carefully, Multiculturism has failed throughout Europe under the false auspices of unity with non-accepting people. Look at the leader of Germany declaring it a bad idea last year, A couple of years ago France started a slight crackdown and now we have the UK declaring that “multiculturism” has failed them. We’re doing the same things that those countries did… we are not superior than them at handling domestic struggles… we will have the very same growing pains.

      I still agree to disagree on this issue. I have a strong conviction that radical elements of Islam are extremely dangerous no matter where they are. When moderates are confronted by hardline Imams, they too will convert or die, as outlined by their Holy book. As you point out, we have millions of Muslims here already… it took 19 to kill 2,740 Americans with just 4 airplanes… we’ve stopped other attempts but the numbers don’t equal each other. The ratio is in their favor and we must find a real and true way to level the playing field before we experience something much worse! As it is, Al-Queda now is believed to have access to nuclear material and have a few rogue scientists capable of creating “dirty bombs”. Time to buck up and start profiling before people die. The threat is real but our perception is not.

      • Now I think I get where you’re coming from. When pushed against a wall, you believe that the moderates will side with the extremist Imams. Am I correct?

        I definitely believe those radical Imams already here need to be watched carefully.

      • Yes, that would be the bulk of what I am saying. I am also trying to create an awareness as to just how bad the tenets of the religion are when they are carried out… and also to show how frequently they are carried out. These atrocities happen around the world daily, yet we hear nothing about it unless we search for it. We are wrapped up in various causes like AIDS and we may get behind Darfur if a celebrity mentions it… but what about the true atrocities commited by the savage carrying out of religious acts by muslims under the guise of faith, worldwide? How can we decry Mubarak on one hand while we forget to look at the mainstream views of 80% of Egyptians in the country fighting for change? What kind of change are they willing to have or looking for?

        Muslims here may not want that(here) but do they get on tv and say that this stuff is happening by my own religious leaders in other countries? Nope. That might be reason for us to examine just what the religion and those who follow it really beleive. Is it a case of, “that’s not for me but hey, whatever they want to do over there is ok.”? If that’s the case, then can we really trust these people when the fight comes here? We need must ask these questions today before we are in the midst of a religious war. Look back through history and you will find the longest wars filled with the most blood-shed have all begun as religious differences. We, as Americans, may not act on religious positions but does that mean that the hijackers on 9-11 didn’t either? We can not transpose our values or our sensibilities to these people who without question are acting based on their interpretation of the Qur’an. We must see them clearly for who they are and how they act when they carry out these acts, if we are to protect and preserve ourselves.

        You may be right, your friends may never in a million lifetimes lend support for your harm… in the current society… but what will they do when caught between you and the hardline leaders of their religion. I, of course, am using you in this example to try to generate a personal perspective, but now stretch that thought out to the country instead of you. Do they value you more than they value this country? We have to understand alliances and where they end. My belief in religion tells me to do no harm to my fellow man, while it also tells me that I must preserve my family and fellow man. I will defend the common man as far as I can until I see a line of whether it is a mutual protection. What I mean by that is, if caught in a bad situation, I will fight for myself equally as tenaciously as I will for a friend or even someone that I don’t know against all attackers given clear lines of right and wrong. My interpretation of wrong follows the lines of the Bible and applied to today… however, if you look at what is happening within the Islamic community, you will see that they are not following the same rationale that I am and many others are. It feels like the attitude is that they are acting like third world people stuck in a time that is several hundred years ago… but that’s not the case. Their teachings, their beliefs, are current and are being carried out today. We can’t merely suggest it’s a few bad apples… how many practitioners of Islam are there? Last I knew, it was around 1.5 Billion followers… how many bad apples are there? Well, take 1.5 Billion and divide it by .5% and do the math… a half a percent is equal to how many Americans considering that our population is hovering at around 310 million people. I don’t like the numbers, do you? We need to understand the religion and understand the dangers instead of “poo-pooing” the potential threat.

        Where I see the problem is that too many on the left will continue to act as though the followers of Islam are the same or can be taught to be the same as we are. Well, if there is any one thing that you and I will likely agree on, it’s that a violent and misogynistic man will not suddenly stop beating women just because we want him to or try to tell him to stop it. We readily recognize that it takes more than our will for someone else to change. We also understand that some may not ever change and those that fall into that group are the ones that we must contend with on a different level. It’s time to understand the nature of Islamic teachings… We have heard about sleeper cells and yet we still act like they don’t exist. What category do these random idiots that keep popping up trying to harm America fall into then? And frankly, like I suggested earlier and here as well, what category will your friends and/or mine fall into if standing in the face of an Imam screaming the true teachings of the Qur’an which is to submit or die? We have to address this in reality and not with the old saying, “That can’t happen here… this is America.” Lots of terrible things happen in America and I don’t want to see more added to that list.

      • Thank you for clarifying your position. I definitely get it now. For me, it’s the radical Imams here in the US that really need to be watched. They are the catalyst.

      • Fair enough and I appreciate you wanting to understand what I mean. You are right about the Imams needing to be watched and I will go one step beyond and state that at the earliest point of subversive activity, they must leave immediately. Bear in mind, a catalyst is acting on something and the reaction is usually quite powerful in comparison to the original substance… I am of the opinion(as has been clarified) that we must examine those which the Imams catalyze. Those are the ones that we know and understand the least about. They may be friends but what happens when they are put under pressure… we don’t know because they don’t tell us that these Imams are evil or tell us what we must do with these Imams. They always come up short on that part. I have no problem telling anyone what was wrong with Hitler, the KKK, or radical preachers like Terry Jones or Fred Phelps. I readily have an opinion of what we need to do with them and I quickly point out that they do not speak for me, my religion, or my beliefs. That same voice of condemnation is not coming from moderates. They’ll defer the anwers by simply saying they’ve perverted the message… I think Hitler never had the message nor did the KKK or Phelps or Jones or Koresh or Charlie Manson… they didn’t have a message to pervert, they had a psychotic self absorbed Godlike complex in which they saw all non-believers as enemies. They used their followers or even themselves as messengers of their own delusional ends, sacrificing the lives of those who chose to follow them… but they weren’t acting on Christianity, they’re acting on their own religious beliefs. I say that for even Phelps and Jones because clearly God does not say that he hates fags as Phelps says… God does not kill soldiers because he is angry at America. These people have no truth in the Bible that they can point to in order to to support their statements… it’s not a perversion of the Bible, it’s a perversion of humanity. I don’t question my religion but I will question those who say they act on it’s behalf in those manners.

        I know that seems like a leap but I’m trying to create a juxtaposition between the way we deal with our religious beliefs and how we perceive those who fall out of step with it versus how the Muslims are handling it. They act as though they are afraid to take a firm stance… Waffling is a serious problem because as we view politicians, those who go with the wind don’t represent us in truth. We will not stand by them if they don’t walk the the walk and we quickly speak out with our voices and our votes. We exile them back to regular society when they won’t take a true position as they said they would. Shouldn’t we consider this when we think about how Muslims are handling the same dilemmas within their religion?

      • I will (hopefully) scale back some on the reports of Muslim violence in my category of Religion Of (No) Peace down the road. I am posting it in full blast as the stories come up because I want the realty of how widespread the concern is and just how violent the atrocities are. I have refrained from posting pictures that go with these stories… There was a photo of a stoning as well as there was a photo of the 14 year old’s hand that was cut off hanging from a pole. I have omitted these because they are pretty gruesome and I don’t really want to go there… however it does help to see these things in order to really appreciate what is happening. I have a post set up for tomorrow that will include Muslim on Muslim violence but only because it is the violence caught on camera that is in the story. I feel that in this case, the video helps to explain the story better than article itself. Also, the violent acts are fleeting and hard to decipher.

        I think it’s unfair to treat Islam as “unindicted murderers” out of some sort of Political Correctness or “tolerance” when we realize that there are real people on the recieving end of these horrific acts. I mentioned it once before, there are videos on-line where one can find actual beheadings… Don’t watch them unless you are fully prepared!!! You will never be the same again!!! But once you watch them, you will see the horrors that radicals and extremists perpetrate. After that, you may ask why there isn’t a greater level of concern from moderate Muslims… These acts are on the levels of Manson’s gruesome killings of Sharon Tate. And to see someone go from being alive, to their life ending in front of your eyes will forever cause you to wonder how someone can mitigate these atrocities.

    • Yeah, I’m not one to look for the videos of the beheadings. And it’s not just because they’re gruesome (already a good reason, thought). Murder is bad enough, but murder in the name of religion? I can’t go there.

    • Leon says:


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