Video: Katie Couric goes to Egypt, finally sees what real “vitriol” looks like…and it’s no tea party!

How about that Muslim Cosby Show now Ms. Couric?!?!?!!!!!! Guess you got your eye-opening experience into real and true Muslim ideology? It’s not so sweet and innocent and respectful as you wanted us to think, is it? Now if only we could sen Joy Behar over there permanently!

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9 Responses to Video: Katie Couric goes to Egypt, finally sees what real “vitriol” looks like…and it’s no tea party!

  1. The truth can be a harsh teacher. Great post!

  2. Now, now Questioning. This revolt against Mubarak is secular. It’s not radical Islam trying to take over, but a country trying to take back power from this psycho dictator. 🙂

    • Whatever you may profess this revolt to be, these are Muslims who are beating the crap out of Anderson Cooper, Christiane Amanpour, Greg Palkot, and other American reporters. Let’s be honest, although violence knows no limits of color on the perpetrators, Katie Couric and the entire liberal media wants us to believe that Islam is the “Religion Of Peace”. In actuality, Islam is not a religion of peace when practiced in it’s oldest forms as it is practiced currently throughout much of the Middle East. Have you ever seen a beheading on-line? There are tons of them… virtually all Muslim. How about stonings?… plenty of those too and guess what… Muslims again. No matter how one wants to “spin” Islam, only in modern Western civilized countries does Islam exist in mostly non-traditional Sharia life. However, there is no question that Sharia law is called for by the Qu’ran… don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking that Sharia Law and it’s supporters can be non-violent. As a matter of point, in Egypt today, more than 70% of Egyptians want Sharia Law. That is the beheadings, the stonings, and the true and real “eye for an eye” punishment that these people are calling for. As for “psycho dictator”… Mubarak ruled as an authoritarian regime and not a psycho dictator. The reason for the original uprising has less to do with some maniacal and murderous leader and instead it’s the call for voices to be heard. His last election, he won with 99% of the vote… that’s what upset the people. They know that the vote was inaccurate. The people want true and free elections and 70% want Sharia Law but they weren’t victims of genocidal cleansing that would call for a term of “psycho dictator”.

      Update: This from Huffington Post: “The site writes that Greg Palkot and Olaf Wiig were taken to the hospital after being severely beaten—at which point they were detained by Egyptian military police, who accused them of being Israeli spies. Palkot was also blindfolded throughout the interrogation.

      There have been scores of attacks and detentions of journalists from around the world. Among the incidents: ABC News producers were threatened with beheading, Anderson Cooper has been attacked twice, and CBS’ Lara Logan had been detained by Egyptian police.”

      By delaying response and capitulating on the matter, President Obama has angered an ally. Mubarak and his people have trusted America through the years(including during Clinton’s time in office) and for all intents and purposes, it looks like Obama has actually spurred this uprising against Mubarak prior to the actual uprising. On top of that, once it started, he made things worse. Who wouldn’t expect a friend to be angry when blindsided by a friend who sets out to undermine them? It doesn’t make the violence right but it goes a long way to understanding where it comes from.

      • Point taken, psycho dictator was hyperbolic. They do want this guy out. They want free elections and police force that isn’t corrupt or brutal. Our “ally” has suppressed the people’s voices for 30 years. They’re finally doing something about it. Do we stand in their way or keep our ally?

        OK, now where are you getting this 70% of Egyptians wanting Sharia Law statistic?

      • Sorry to post a short answer(maybe it’s preferred though. LOL) but I have to turn the laptop over to the wifey in a moment… It is a lengthy read through but the stats are there. I took somewhat “poetic license” to use the number 70 however that rough approximation does actually fall within the percentages of those who advocate Sharia enforcement for adultery, theft, and leaving the religion…
        “About eight-in-ten Muslims in Egypt and Pakistan (82% each) endorse the stoning of people who commit adultery; 70% of Muslims in Jordan and 56% of Nigerian Muslims share this view. Muslims in Pakistan and Egypt are also the most supportive of whippings and cutting off of hands for crimes like theft and robbery; 82% in Pakistan and 77% in Egypt favor making this type of punishment the law in their countries, as do 65% of Muslims in Nigeria and 58% in Jordan.

        When asked about the death penalty for those who leave the Muslim religion, at least three-quarters of Muslims in Jordan (86%), Egypt (84%) and Pakistan (76%) say they would favor making it the law…”

        This comes from a report this past December from the Pew Research Center, which is a very well respected religious issues polling service cited by both Liberal media outlets as well as Conservative media outlets:

        *Update… to get to that particular data fast-forward more than half way down to the section titled “Support for Severe Laws”

      • That was a really cool link. Very interesting. I wouldn’t think that of Egypt. I would think they would be more like Turkey in a lot of their views.

      • Yeah, I was pretty surprised by the high percentages on those particular issues. Frightening, really. Now, factor that into understanding that what we see here of Islam in a Western society is NOT at all what true Islam(in the land of the heart of the religion) is like. That is why the portrayal of Islam as a religion of peace is not accurate. We are projecting a westernized ideal of religion onto their religion. We are fooling oursleves to think that what we see in America is true Islam. What we have here exists as it does only because we don’t permit Sharia Law. Again, those particular results are from hardened followers in everyday life and in modern day Egypt. We can’t imagine cutting off hands orstoning someone to death… but they can and do regularly. What people here want to project on the faith is not what they want of their faith. That is a crucial lesson that we need to learn. These are the true voices of the followers in their own polling voices. As it is here in America, we have a handful of cases that represent potential honor killings and similar eye for an eye disciplines… the media is trying to play down what is happening by saying that it’s false to think those are honor killings… well, when you read what true followers of Islam advocate in their own country, is it that hard to believe that some followers here are carrying out their beliefs? It isn’t to say that all followers of Islam are that way here, but to say that NO followers here are doing that or even worse, there is no such thing, is incredibly false. We deserve to know the truth so that we can decide for ourselves and not rely on how media pundits or media personalities want to tell the stories to us. I believe we should have all of the facts laid bare before our eyes and let us decide what we think, free of someone else’s opinion. But that is my rant about MSM in a nutshell anyways and I digress.

      • I agree to say no followers are doing it is false. I’ve never met any hardened followers. My friends and coworkers are Muslim. Only a handful do the praying 5x a day. Most are Ramadan Muslims, if that. Some drink. I guess I don’t see what the fuss is about because I’ve been around Muslim people.

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