The Wit Of Fred Thompson

Because the snowstorm grounded his helicopter, President Obama’s motorcade had to spend an hour stuck in DC rush hour traffic.

Now THAT’S what I call a metaphor for the next two years of his presidency.


Democrat Congressman Dennis Kucinich is suing the House cafeteria for 150,000 dollars after he broke a tooth on an olive pit in a sandwich.

Small price to pay to keep Dennis quiet for a couple of days.


Medicare’s chief actuary is now saying that Obamacare won’t do anything to make health care more affordable.

So now President Obama said he plans to save money by cutting spending on Medicare actuaries.


The list of groups that have received waivers from Obamacare’s requirements has now topped 700.

Ok, new rule. Any law that has more waivers than the Washington Nationals starting lineup should be automatically repealed.


A new Commerce Department report shows that new-home sales in 2010 were the lowest in 47 years.

Expect Obama to blame this on 8 years of the failed policies of Dwight D. Eisenhower.

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