Honoring Vietnam Vets? Fayetteville Mayor Chavonne wants to do it the wrong way

Just a little over a week ago I wrote a piece about Jane Fonda’s tweets about Sarah Palin in the aftermath of the shooting in Tucson. You can see it here. In that piece, I also featured an article about Jane Fonda’s history during the Vietnam era and specifically the events surrounding her “Hanoi Jane” betrayal of our country. I bring this up because it has come to my attention via Big Government that Fayetteville, North Caroline(home of Fort Bragg) will be celebrating Vietnam Vets over a 10 day period. It won’t be all about the honoring of the Vets though as the mayor has decided to include his own personal agenda in the celebration(?)… he has asked Quaker House, an anti-Vietnam protest group, to participate in the festivities.

From the article at Big Government:

“And Quaker House said they are glad to participate and intend to show two anti-war films that include Jane Fonda.   As in “Hanoi Jane.”  This is how they plan to “honor Vietnam vets.”The Mayor said he reached out to the anti-war protestors so the “full story” of the war could be told.  Excuse me,  but this is not a history lesson.  Its a celebration designated to honor vets for their service.  We’re not refighting the Vietnam war here. Mayor Chavonne has had these sort of bright ideas in the past. Earlier he suggested that Fayetteville become a sister city with a town in communist Vietnam.

 Quaker House says they won’t force themselves into the event.  ”If the mayor tells us to go away,  we’ll probably go away.”

Well, let me just say it… GO AWAY! FOREVER!!! This is beyond reprehensible. This is not honor… this is deceit and propaganda. Shame on you Mr. Mayor, shame on you! Thankfully, Big Government included this as their finale

“So maybe we should contact the Mayor’s office and tell him to do just that.  He can become contacted via email here

The link featured no longer seems to work, however you can just go here: http://www.mayorchavonne.com/connect_with_tony/  If you are so inclined, feel free to send him a message… I did.

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