Congressman Allen West’s Weekly Wrap-up and some videos

The following is from this week’s “In His Own Words: West Weekly Wrap-Up” from Congressman Allen West. I will try to feature his weekly wrap-up’s every week because I think that Congressman West is someone who we need to become familiar with. In light of some recent concerns about Governor Chris Christie, my man-crush on him has begun to fade and Congressman West is rock-solid in my opinion… I know that I’ve said that we shouldn’t elect someone who hasn’t spent much time in national office, such as we did with President Obama, but I’m beginning to rethink that position with each statement from Rep. West. The first part is his weekly statement. The following videos are his remarks regarding Islam and it’s promulgation throughout America and the world… he speaks to a lot of the fears that are beginning to crop up and I have to say, I’m in agreement with him. I have not read the whole Qu’ran nor will I… I have read portions and discussed them in depth with a Muslim friend that I know and was really troubled by the responses that I received. Inevitably we all must decide for ourselves but I have made my decision on the issue.

Greetings patriots, 


First, let me offer my sincere and humble condolences to the families and fellow law enforcement comrades of Miami-Dade County police officers Roger Castillo and Amanda Haworth. We lost two of South Florida’s finest this past week to a craven murderer and his complicit mother. Officers Castillo and Haworth represent those who form that “Thin Blue Line.” They risk their lives daily serving and protecting our communities. God has a special place for those warriors and heroes who guard us. I never met these brave officers but I shall forever deem them my brother and sister. May God welcome them into His place and they find a seat at the table in Valhalla. May our Lord bless those they leave behind and grant them the solace that only His Holy Spirit can provide.


This was another eventful week and it represented our first major vote in keeping with the promise made to those who deployed me to Capitol Hill.


The week began with the Deerfield Beach Martin Luther King Jr. parade and celebration service. It was a nice 1.2 mile walk from Pioneer Park to the local community center gymnasium. Mayor Peggy Noland expressed to me that yours truly was the first ever Congressional Representative to ever walk in that procession.  Needless to say, it will not be the last time.


Immediately following speaking in Deerfield Beach, I headed to the Ft. Lauderdale airport to fly to New York City for the Congress on Racial Equality (CORE) annual MLK Jr. commemorative dinner. The plan was to take off at 2pm and land around 5:30pm….as stated, that was the plan. After a one hour late arrival for the aircraft, we ended up sitting on the plane for another 90 minutes before takeoff due to debris on the runway. I arrived in NYC at 8:30 p.m., took a cab over to the hotel, changed in a conference room, and still made the tail end of the dinner and spoke.


The following Tuesday morning, I had an early wake up and headed over to the Fox News studio for a live appearance on Fox and Friends. I had met Brian Kilmeade before but it was fantastic to finally meet Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson. Gretchen did the interview and we discussed the upcoming healthcare law repeal vote and federal government fiscal responsibility as it applied to the debt ceiling. When the interview ended, there stood Stuart Varney and we had a nice quick chat.


 Following the Fox interview, I had a breakfast presentation sponsored by Bill Siegel and Monica Crowley as part of the Hudson Institute. The main topic was “Understanding the Liberal Progressive Legislative Agenda for America and the 21st Century Battlefield.”


Wednesday, I voted to repeal Obamacare, and of course there were the typical antics from the left. The liberal activist groups were outside the building handing out their disinformation palm cards. Inside the left wing, sponsored unions were busy with their “robo-calls” to our office. I find it utterly hilarious to receive calls from targeted individuals who truly have no lucid comprehension, they just repeat a talking point script.  My advice to these union groups, don’t waste your resources on me.


 It was very fulfilling to insert my voting card, press “Yes”, and watch the green “Y” appear next to my name on repealing Obamacare. The following day we voted on HR 9 to replace it and our House committees will get to work to create free market solutions to improve our American healthcare system.


 This past week,  I had my first luncheon as a member of the Congressional Black Caucus. Prior to the meeting commencing, I had a good chat with Chairman Cleaver (D-Missouri). I look forward to being a contributing member of this body politic and reaching the goals and objectives as specified in the organization’s mission statement. I believe that the conservative principles and values which I espouse are critical for the success of the black community.


 I had many meetings and interviews in the office this week, but most memorable and satisfying was the one with Juliana Taimoorazy, president of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council. She is an Iraqi Christian woman who is now advocating for the Christian community she left behind some years ago. Coming off the horrendous attacks against the Coptic Christian community in Egypt, this is an issue to which we need to commit our attention and vigilance. I gave Ms. Taimoorazy my pledge to be a spokesperson for this cause. I shall not be tolerant of the intolerant because when tolerance becomes a one way street it leads to cultural suicide.


 That is why I found it comical that the head of the South Florida Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), contacted me requesting a meeting. My response to him is as the Commander of the 101st Airborne Division, BG McAuliffe, at Bastogne when asked to surrender by the Germans…….”Nuts”.


 On Friday, I had a super meeting with the Ft. Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce leadership. We are going to resurrect the Ft. Lauderdale “fly-in” to Washington DC for the local business and community leaders. We have tentatively set aside May 2011, so be on the lookout for details. It will be my honor to revive this honored tradition first started by Congressman E Clay Shaw.


 Saturday, I was up and out for my morning ten mile run along Ft. Lauderdale beach, over the 17th Street causeway, and back to our starting point at George English park. It is always a thrill to run at sunrise with my fellow running enthusiasts, and constituents. I am an honorary member of the Friends in Training (FIT) group and they have decided to allow me to host them in October as we shall run the Army Ten Miler race.


 Later, I had the distinct pleasure of being the guest speaker at the Broward Navy League new officer installation luncheon. It was held aboard one of the luxurious Port Everglades cruise ships. Needless to say, before and after speaking, I had to endure abuse from the former Naval service officers referencing the inability of the Army football team to defeat Navy.


 I made a simple pledge, if ever I become Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Services……..I shall suspend the entire Navy football team prior to the traditional Army-Navy game…….Go Army Beat Navy……PLEASE!

 Sunday again, up early with my running mates, Juan and Mike and we did our 8 mile canal run, and since I am the oldest, these guys keep sandbagging and sprinting at the end, jerks.


Angela and I spent our Sunday morning with the Jewish community in Jupiter Florida at the ground breaking ceremony of the Chabad Lubavitch of Jupiter. Special hat tip to Rabbi and Rabbetzin Barash for their visionary leadership, resolve, and perseverance in this quest. I look forward to returning for the dedication of the center. The wrap up to the week came as we had a nice quiet Sunday brunch with friends and supporters, Howard and Marilyn Parmet, at Frenchmen’s Reserve in Palm Beach Gardens. If you are ever at the brunch there, try the waffles.


 This evening, Angela and I will attend the White House reception for the new members of the 112th Congress. I have not been in the White House since I was a little boy with Mom. If anyone wants to know what the American Dream looks like, I am living it.


On Tuesday, I shall sit in the House chamber for my first State of the Union address. I believe in tradition and therefore shall sit in the appropriate section designated for those calling themselves Republican. I shall not take part in the kindergarten style tactics of having a recess buddy. Could it be that the President is concerned about his first foray into the House of Representatives not having a majority throng cheering his every word? President Bush delivered his two final State of the Union addresses while his own party was in the minority, not asking for special accommodations, so should President Obama.


 There is something to be said about tradition. It is respectful, but principled.


Steadfast and Loyal,


Now, for the videos….

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