THIS IS A MUST READ!!! Proof Obama Is A Liar

This comes to my page from a very good blogger, SilenceDogood2010. He has posted an article/post that has left me absolutely speechless tonight. Those of you who know me and read my comments on your blogs, you’ll readily acknowledge that it’s rare when I’m at a loss for words… This is one of the rarest times yet!

PLEASE go to SilenceDogood2010’s post to see the whole thing here. If ever you wanted irrefutable proof of the President lying, then here it is. His own words during campigning for President in ’08 compared to the actual dates of birth for his dad and “step-dad”… I double-checked via wikipedia for the birth years and they are correct. Even now as I try to write my usual commentary, I can’t find the words except… HE IS A LIAR and a DISGRACE!!!

PLEASE go to SD2010’s page! I won’t even reblog this one because this may be his masterpiece of detective work here and he deserves the credit!!!

Again, this is the link:

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11 Responses to THIS IS A MUST READ!!! Proof Obama Is A Liar

  1. I checked out your link. Yeah, that was bad. So was “Read my lips. No new taxes” and “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Politicians lie. The grass is green, and the sky is blue. Some of the constants in life. 🙂

    • Lies are lies… However, one is an example of a lie about facts that already happened: Clinton. One is an example of a campaign promise that no one can know for sure what will come once someone is in office when faced with a difficult Democratically controlled House and Senate: Bush. And one was about something that simply never happened: Obama. Each is an example of lies , however I would suggest that 2 of the 3 are lying about actual events that can not change.

  2. Pseudo-love-garbage whackjob liberal says:

    Just wondering why it took you and SD2010 6 months to blog about this nonsense, with his masterpiece detective work and all. It was circulating the net via e-mail back in August. At least, that is according to Snopes who debunk it here,

    • Uh, I won’t be welcoming you to Questioning because of your quite unworthy self introduction here. I don’t appreciate your tone nor your conduct but I will offer a one-time comment to you. As for the 6 months ago… I didn’t blog 6 months ago. Don’t ever come to my blog and make snarky, snide comments about another blogger or my description of that blogger.

      As for your wanting to quote Snopes… Snopes is far from a non-partisan fact-finding website. Too often liberal, especially “pseudo-love-garbage whackjob liberals” such as yourself will point to Snopes and Hmmm, a simple observation reveals that Factcheck is an Annenberg Corporation… Further digging reveals that Annenberg has a LONG history of participating in funding Barack Obama, going back long before his Presidency, into his “Community Organizer” days. Snopes has also been proven to demonstrate a lofty left-leaning slant and it has also been demonstrated to show a favorable perception of Barack Obama… Snopes and : now debunked.

      To go over the “debunk”ing you offer up with your Snopes page… All I see is a whole lot of double speak about clearly Obama wasn’t talking about his real dad or his step-dad but it was the dad who “rasied him” to paraphrase what it says. It is nothing but conjectured opinion of what someone who is covering Obama’s ass would try to convince a small-mind with…. nothing short of mitigating a hard-fact lie. Obama was crystal clear in the words he chose for that speech(we know he chose them because it lacks the teleprompter… you know, when someone else tells him what to say) and there is no question that it was campaign stumping gone awry. These things happen, own them!

      This President has failed to own anything in the time that he has been in office. And clearly those who follow him blindly, such as yourself, will fail to own anything he does or says as well. I have over-extended my time with you here. I don’t welcome a return or a reply. Be gone and don’t come back… I don’t blog here to engage in trolling activities with people who like to begin their introductions such as you have. I welcome differing perspectives, all with respectful statements, such as those that come from SpinnyLiberal. Her page is someplace that you may find your time better suited… This is a Conservative blog and because it is mine, I offer this to you: If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine, you don’t have to…. you don’t have to comment and you also don’t have to read it either. If you choose to read it and feel compelled to comment, show respect for myself and other authors that I choose to post. I don’t ever comment in a manner that is demeaning or snarky towards another blogger on their page because “it is their home” and I conduct myself as if it is actually their home. You should try it, garbage whackjob liberal! Now… Troll be gone!

  3. Pseudo-love-garbage whackjob liberal says:

    I chose not to introduce myself because I decided to use names you had already given me. I actually enjoy visiting your blog. You have done a nice job with it. You have a good amount of content, it is well organized and I appreciate the recurring segments. I do not follow President Obama blindly as you suggest. I feel that too many concessions are being made especially considering healthcare and the new tax bill. I am sorry for my snarky comment. I did not intend it to be mean, just disagreeable. I guess therein lies the real issue. I wish you continued success with your blog. I will not troll here, but I will add troll to the list of names you had already given me.

    • Ah-ha… I knew the email looked familiar… Now I know who I’m dealing with and that changes things… Tony. Well, let me first say thank you for what now appears to be some compliments. I can appreciate a comment that actually wishes to question a post, but when you chose to use the descriptive terms that I used, against me, I felt that it was snarky and indicative of a troll… Not to mention what would be then be implied by your chosen screen name.

      I am incredibly surprised that you are actually reading my blog and “woe is me” now that you have handed out some compliments there— Thank you. I will absolutely take back the troll comment. Knowing that it is you does change that… I welcome you to Questioning With Boldness…, and I encourage you to continue following and comment if you choose. My only request is that there be reasonable discussion and let’s refrain from baiting or fighting like we had on Facebook. SpinnyLiberal has commented on my page for about a week now and we have a mutual agreement that there is no need for slighting the other or making comments that are inherently argumentative. That is the type of discussion that I welcome here from the other perspective. You seriously should follow her page… it is off to a great start and she has a differing perspective from mine that you would approve of.

  4. Tony D says:

    Thanks for welcoming me.

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