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THIS IS A MUST READ!!! Proof Obama Is A Liar

This comes to my page from a very good blogger, SilenceDogood2010. He has posted an article/post that has left me absolutely speechless tonight. Those of you who know me and read my comments on your blogs, you’ll readily acknowledge that … Continue reading

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Reagan Saw That ‘We Are All Patriots’ ~ by Barack Obama(no joke)

VOMIT! Read this at your own peril , but let it be known that I tried to warn you… This is an op-ed from USAToday dated for today, January 24th, 2011. TAKE NOTICE OF WHO THE AUTHOR IS!!! Obama: Reagan … Continue reading

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Video: The 800 Pound Gorilla

There is an 800 pound gorilla on the loose in Washington… Can it be caged?

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The Wit Of Fred Thompson

Yesterday, the FBI rounded up 127 mobsters, the biggest mafia bust in history. This must be that staff shake-up Obama was talking about after the elections.  «——◊-Ο-◊——» A new report says that Washington DC has the worst traffic in the … Continue reading


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Wisdom Of The Day: Ronald Reagan

“Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty.” ~ Ronald Reagan

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“Military Pride Friday” Video: U.S. Navy Tribute

The greatest Navy on the planet…

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