Top 10 Places To Look For Obama’s Birth Certificate

Hat Tip to Weasel Zippers for locating this one…

This comes from the “I Hate The Media” website and is the Top 10 Places To Look For Obama’s Birth Certificate list. This is in response to Governor Abercrombie saying that he will locate Obama’s birth certificate but is now having a hard time…

10. It might be under the unicorn feeder, not too far from the magic money printing press that Ben Bernanke uses.

9. The certificate may have been sacrificed to the volcano gods to ensure good luck. After two years of the Obama administration, it obviously didn’t work.

8. Check under Obama’s copy of the Koran signed by Ayatollah Khomeini. The one that reads: “To Barry. Good luck on the whole Manchurian thing. Kho-money.”

7. Perhaps it’s under a stack of promises to close Gitmo.

6. May be tucked in the pages of well-annotated Community Organizing for Dummies book.

5. Have you looked in George Soros’ command bunker? Check under those stacks of Chinese yuan and the deed to Obama’s soul.

4. May have accidentally passed it out as a syllabus during short stint as Harvard lecturer.

3. Pawned for crack in 90s.

2. Hillary Clinton may have it tucked in her jock strap.

1. Kenya

Freakin’ great!!!

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One Response to Top 10 Places To Look For Obama’s Birth Certificate

  1. I will give you this. #8 made me LOL ;-P

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