The Wit Of Fred Thompson

A new State Department report shows that President Obama received nearly 200,000 dollars in gifts of jewelry from Saudi Arabia

It’s kinda sad, though, because all Obama really wanted was an iPod full of his speeches.


On his show, CNN’s John King apologized on behalf of one of his guests who used the phrase “in the crosshairs” during a political conversation.

Come on, John, it was just a figure of speech. Like calling CNN a “news network”.


Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee said that repealing Obamacare would be “unconstitutional”.

Well, I think we should be able to avoid that issue by repealing it the same way it was passed: in the dead of night using a bill no one’s read.


While stumping for Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago Mayoral campaign, Bill Clinton said that, as Mayor, Rahm would be “fearlessly honest”.

I assume that will start AFTER the vote counting process is finished.

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