Long story made short(er)… at least I tried to shorten up my usual commentary

I have been wanting to blog the last two days but the flu has hit my home wicked bad this week… Where is Obamacare when we need it. LOL

In lieu of my typical posts and long-winded commentary, I am going to try to hit up a few issues that I’ve seen this week and give a VERY SHORT commentary on each and leave it to my readers to write their own commentary on them…  So here goes:

I’m not sure how many people have followed this story, but if you’re a “birther” as so many want to categorize you, then I’m sure you know this one… Apparently, the Governor of Hawaii, an ultra-lib state right behind California, thought he could put an end to the Obama birth certificate debate by promising to produce a real and true copy of the long-form birth certificate. His stated intention was to put an end to the “birther” non-sense once and for all because as he saw it, it was hurting President Obama and his re-election efforts for 2012. Well unfortunately for Governor Abercrombie has been unsuccessful in his search. He now says that there is some sort of notation in the records but he can’t find the valid documentation to prove Obama was born in Hawaii. Read more here. Let it be known, for the record, I am not a “birther”… I believe that if he was really born in America, the paper would be automatically procured by him personally… but it wasn’t. His SS identification from Connecticut is purely a coincidence and his sealed documentation was purely a move to protect his spelling errors on his college transcripts. Ok, maybe I’m a bit of a “birther”?

Next up on my hit-list is something that is troubling to say the least… If there was a sense of our country being attacked from the inside and you think it is only happening at the elected-office level, you’d be mistaken. I live in Florida, about 50 minutes from Cape Canaveral and I get to see the Shuttle launches from my home… they are surreal and absolutely amazing to see… so I am very sensitive to what is happening to the Space Program and NASA. However, when they have idiots like James Hansen on-board, then I have no sympathy! This appointed jackass who is the head of the laboratory overseeing climatology for NASA has had the gall to call for China to boycott America in an effort to force us into a restructuring of our climate policies to be more in line with the “global warming” agenda. Are you kidding me? These ass-hat is outspoken in his calls against America’s best interests and is calling on a Communist country to do further damage to America? I can spell T-R-E-A-S-O-N and T-R-A-I-T-O-R just as quickly as I can identify James Hansen as being a treasonous traitor to America. Send this guy to China, permanently!!! Read his comments here.

Didn’t Obama make promises of keeping the special interests out? He wasn’t going to be like his predecessor? No more lobbyists? Well, we knew that has been proven to be BS but it still continues today. President Obama has decided that the best person to regulate Asset Managers for the banking industry would be an insider… a woman who was an Asset Manager for… brace yourself… GOLDMAN SACHS!!! Right!?! Why would you hire someone from a company known to be one of the biggest abusers of today’s banking regulations? Well, unless you are complicit in deceit?!? President Obama has hired Eileen Rominger to be a Director of Investment Management for the Securities and Exchange Commission. SOOOO… did he miss what happened with Bush and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson? It was an insider who made the brilliant(?) decision to encourage TARP from the Democrats… look where we are now! What Americans want, what Conservatives want is an end to the insider garbage. We want the right people for the job, not the guy who I know will do what I want, when I want, how I want. We are looking for people who will make the hard call based on what real numbers show no matter how painful it may be to business. Afterall, business is what drives our economy and if we keep treating the cancer with more cancer, we’ll never get anywhere. Learn more about Eileen’s appointment here.

Oh, how I despise this man! I have labeled him “Comrade Disgraceful” in previous posts and I am proven right— again… by his very own mouth— again. Alan Grayson can’t help himself. Apparently he has a serious disconnect from his brain to his mouth or perhaps he’s just a piece of crap as a human being. Yeah, I’ll go with the second option! He took the recent Arizona mess as an opportunity to bash Sarah Palin, as well. I guess this idiot doesn’t realize just how insignificant he is now. I am ashamed to have been represented by him in District-8, here in Orlando and grateful to my fellow neighbors who woke up to this guys delusional mindset and canned him in favor of Daniel Webster. Grayson goes off on Sarah Palin and of course throws the obligatory “tea baggers” mantra in there too. He talks about a “right-wing commentator” offering $100 to someone willing to punch Grayson in the nose… I’ll pay the $100 just to be the guy who does it. This guy was scourge on our District and is still a scourge on our country. I wish he would slither back under his pile of poop for good. Grayson wants you all to know what he thinks here. He’d also like it if you would contribute to him… apparently being the moron who was a one hit wonder before losing by 18 points wasn’t enough for this self-absorbed jerk, he wants more of people’s money.

And then there was the recent report of GE CEO becoming a part of the Obama advisory panel… Not only is this more of the insider garbage like the SEC appointment of Eileen Rominger but this smells a whole lot like a propaganda outlet getting the inside track into the White House. Remember, GE owns 80% of NBC/Universal… that sounds like a recipe for state run television to me! What would the liberals and Democrats say if the next Republican President decided to give Rupert Murdoch or Fox News an advisory job? What do you think they would be yelling? This is getting unreal now!

Ok, I think I am done… for now. The medicine is kicking in and I’m feeling like I need to quit while I can still type(sorta). I will hopefully get over this and my boys will cooperate so that I can get back into the mix again. Feel free to kick around these stories for some commentary on your own. Or just tell me how off-base I am… I’m medicated so I may be a touch out of my reasoning faculties. LOL

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