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Top Ten Tragedies Exploited by the Left (via Intolerant Fox)

Megan Fox has a great blog here on WordPress titled “Intolerant Fox” in which she covers a lot of really important social aspects from a Conservative perspective. She also runs a radio program on Blogtalk Radio at 10:00pm CST on … Continue reading

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Examples of Left-Wing hate, vitriolic rhetoric, and Palin-bashing… from Michelle Malkin

WOW!!!! Michelle Malkin has composed the largest compilation of left-wing hate and attacks and done it in an amazingly effective outline of chronological order based on the type of hate. Here is the link to the article titled “The progressive … Continue reading

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Video: I Have A Dream Speech by Martin Luther King, Jr

What an amazing man Dr. King was… he very well may be one of the top of our nation’s greatest losses ever if not the biggest loss. I wish our nation had more time to spend listening to the powerful message that … Continue reading

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