Daily Wit & Wisdom

The Wit Of Fred Thompson

For the first time, the Environmental Protection Agency is revoking a permit it’s already issued in order to shut down a West Virginia coal mine.

That’s just great. What are coal-fired electric plants supposed to use for fuel? EPA regulation manuals?

Wisdom Of The Day: William Ellery

“To be prosperous is not to be superior, and should form no barrier between men – Wealth ought not to secure the prosperous the slightest consideration – The only distinctions which should be recognized are those of the soul, of strong principle, of incorruptible integrity, of usefulness, of cultivated intellect, of fidelity in seeking the truth.” ~ William Ellery, Signer of the Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation

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2 Responses to Daily Wit & Wisdom

  1. Sonny Davis says:

    However it is also critical that we promote responsible American made energy including oil natural gas nuclear coal and renewable energy..Click here to visit Congressman Wittman s website..As a concerned citizen I feel that our government has dropped the ball here. Remember one of the leaders of this movement is none other than domestic terrorist Jeff Jones a Marxist and a co-founder along with murdering terrorist and longtime Obama confidant William Ayers of the ultra-violent Weather Underground a group that declared war on America and whose stated goal was to implement a Marxist society..Of course while Obama and psychopathic liars like Al Gore try to guilt you into turning your life and hard earned dollars over to the state there are other evils at work..Anyone who even does the tiniest bit of cursory investigation knows we have enough oil natural gas and coal to make us completely energy independent.

    • Welcome and thank you for your comment! I completely agree with your assessment of what the current administration is doing to our foreign/domestic oil dependence through their radical left agendas. I wrote a blog a while back about Obama’s waffling on the off-shore drilling and the effects that it is and will have on our economy. You can read it here… I talk about how Cuba is drilling closer to our shore than the Deepwater Horizon platform was at the time of it’s disaster. I also point out what exploiting the natural resources have done for Dubai and how we could benefit if we allowed for off-shore drilling of our natural resources.
      I also think we need to keep in mind some of the greater influences beyond Al Gore… Let’s not overlook the hand that George Soros plays in this as well. He played a hand in producing the movie that presents all sorts of myths about natural gas production in shale mining. It’s all for profit as it drives the dependence in a direction that he can better financially gain from and control.

      Please come back and visit often… I appreciate new visitors but returning friends are much better!

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