Video: Bill Maher. Gangsta Gene ~ by ZoNation

Another video from ZoNation and my favorite video producer, Zo Rachel at Macho Sauce Productions. This time he brings us a musical commentary on Bill Maher moronic assertions about racial identity for Obama and what being black means on the job front.

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3 Responses to Video: Bill Maher. Gangsta Gene ~ by ZoNation

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  2. nice find. loves me some Zo Nation.


    • Welcome to Questioning With Boldness… Thanks for stopping by!
      Zo is AWESOME! I came across Zo awhile back and have been amazed by all of his “rants” ever since. He has such a great delivery, doesn’t he? I posted one of my favorites awhile back… “Declaration Of Dependence” …he hits the nail on the head with every single point that he made in that video.

      Please stop by anytime!

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