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Daily Wit & Wisdom

The Wit Of Fred Thompson A company called PLX Devices has developed a high-tech headset that allows you to control your iPhone using only brainwaves. The only problem with it is that, for some reason, the thing just won’t work … Continue reading

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Video: Traveling Down the Road to Serfdom: History of Socialism from Marx to Obama~ by Yuri N. Maltsev

Brace yourself… This video is just over 33 minutes long. H/T to New Zeal Blog

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Video: Bill Maher. Gangsta Gene ~ by ZoNation

Another video from ZoNation and my favorite video producer, Zo Rachel at Macho Sauce Productions. This time he brings us a musical commentary on Bill Maher moronic assertions about racial identity for Obama and what being black means on the job … Continue reading

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Details begin to emerge of Jared Loughner’s last days before the shooting

From the New York Times… “Investigators revealed that Jared L. Loughner appeared to pull a frantic all-nighter last week to prepare for the shooting that killed six people, including a federal judge… The night before the rampage, authorities say, Mr. … Continue reading


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