Video: “Touch The Face Of God” ~ Ronald Reagan

I post this to demonstrate what a true leader and President of The United States does in a time of national tragedy. When you listen, you’ll hear that this speech is delivered the very same day of the disaster… not several days later. It is from the heart spoken to the hearts of all Americans. It instills confidence and pride. It is not meant for anything other than to bring all Americans together in a way that demonstrated real compassion. He reminded us subtly of healing hand of God without quoting scripture… no one was suggesting that he needs to ramp up his mentioning of God or the Bible because campaign season was around the corner and he was losing votes… he mentions God because he understands the absolute importance of God for nearly every American in times of tragedy. This is what a leader really does… they aren’t propped up, they don’t “say the right things” to get elected. They are inspired from within and guided by that Divine inspiration.

H/T to Legal Insurrection for sharing this video first today… Prof. Jacobson also has a terrific analysis of this video and the meaning of leadership in crises. Visit his blog post here. While you’re there, please take some time to peruse his blog and bookmark it… he is great at what he does there!

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