Did you want a “Together We Thrive” T-Shirt? You can get one now. How tacky!

Well, it looks like you too can get your own T-Shirt from the Memorial Service in Tucson, Arizona. From KVOA.com:

UA taking requests for memorial T-shirts

TUCSON – Over 26,000 people attended last night’s memorial service for the six people tragically killed Saturday, and the University of Arizona has received a flood of requests for T-shirts commemorating this service.

At this time, they are unable to provide information on where to get a shirt commemorating “Together We Thrive: Tucson and America,” but they will provide that information soon.

The UA Office of Student Affairs is handling requests for T-shirts – those interested can call them and leave contact information. The office will send out information on how to obtain a shirt at a later date.

Call the UA Office of Student Affairs at: Well, I’m respectfully not going to post the phone number… So there! Go find yourself!

Somehow, this strikes me as wrong… the service was a memorial for people that died. Why were there shirts with a logo and a slogan? Why does this make it feel more like a sporting event now? It just adds to why I felt like the branding of the event actually dishonored the victims of Loughner. Now someone will have an opportunity to profit? Even if this goes to a fund for covering the funeral expenses and hospital costs, I think that it is still wrong for that money to come from a memorial service. A fund-raiser separate of the service with the sole intention of paying for the expenses would be different. To me, a firm believer in free market capitalism, this is capitalism gone awry.

H/T to Weasel Zippers on this one.

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