Daily Wit & Wisdom

The Wit Of Fred Thompson

On Friday, a reporter asked President Obama about unemployment, and he responded “you’ve got to talk to Austan Goolsbee. That’s his job”

That’s right. It’s Obama’s job to CREATE the lousy numbers, not explain them.


The State Department has replaced the words “mother” and “father” on passport applications with “parent one” & “parent two” to recognize “different types of families”.

Not good enough. The fact that they still ask for an address still discriminates against homeless people.

Wisdom Of The Day: James Madison

“A weak constitution must necessarily terminate in dissolution for want of proper powers, or the usurpation of powers requisite for the public safety – Whether the usurpation, when once begun, will stop at the salutary point, or go forward to the dangerous extreme, must depend on the contingencies of the moment – Tyranny has perhaps oftener grown out of the assumptions of power called for, on pressing exigencies, by a defective constitution, than out of the full exercise of the largest constitutional authorities.” ~ James Madison (with Hamilton), Federalist Paper#20, On Emergency Powers

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