Left-wing rhetoric? Right-wing rhetoric? Who’s at fault after the Arizona shooting?

The left is innocent of inciteful rhetoric? Read these twitter posts and think about how the spin of the media may have contributed to this.

*YouTube has pulled this video as a “Violation Of Terms Of Service” Hmmmm… I’m not sure that I agree with that as it feels more like a cover-up to me. It was not advocating violence, it was in fact pointing out evidence of Left Wing calls for violence. Fortunately there are a few resourceful people on the internet and one of them has the video posted at bigjournalism.com. Unfortunately, I am having trouble embedding the video here so please follow the link to see the video here. Please read their commentary over there as well… it’s pretty good, in my opinion.

**Second update… I found another version of the video on YouTube. Here it is:

Watch it soon… before it disappears like the other one!
Is there any chance that the continuous and untrue bombardment of finger-pointing at Sarah Palin by the media may have led to this? What do we do as a country if something does happen to Sarah Palin? Where is the integrity to be found? And most importantly… where are our leaders?

Where are the voices at the top giving our country a direction… calling for the end of this garbage? Why does our country seem even more disjointed and upside down today than it did 2 years ago? If everyone is angry at the Tea Party and the Tea Party is only less than 2 years old, then shouldn’t we look into the issue better? Perhaps this ground swell of people who don’t like the direction that the country is going, may have something that should be heard… especially since they were NOT a part of this shooting and they don’t advocate violence or violent overthrow like Frances Fox Piven did right at the New Year.

The violent rhetoric must stop… but first we need to properly identify that which is violent rhetoric and that which is political terminology. The crosshairs/target sites/surveyor marks debate is ridiculous to me… who cares what those images really were. They are no different than the bull’s eyes that the DNC used in 2004 with very similar if not more direct language. If one is guilty, both sides are guilty.

As far as I’m concerned, neither of those maps with images on them caused this or any other deranged idiot to do anything. Loughner is a sicko, pure and simple. However, we must look at what is being said in this country and see where the problems lie. This horrific tragedy has brought our country to it’s lowest level ever. The political leveraging of this event is disgusting, uncivil, and frankly un-American. When did our country become the place of such hate for each other… political discourse has always been a part of this nation’s history but in light of the recent few Presidents, the partisan fervor has gone to extremes where even the media has exposed themselves for their partisan beliefs.

If one wants to suggest that Palin is responsible through unfounded and completely salacious language as the media, the politicians, the pundits, and even the lead Sheriff in the investigation, then shouldn’t we look at their language as it is being used? How is it ok for them to go on attacks against Sarah Palin and say she incited this without quickly recognizing that they themselves are inciting hatred against her? Why does it seem like if you are a Conservative or a Republican or a Tea Party individual and you attempt to rebut these attacks against your party, you are politicizing it? Are we not to have the right to defend ourselves against political wrangling or even attacks meant to demerit, discredit, and destroy a political party?

This nation has seen it’s share of infighting during it’s history. We’ve seen wars, police actions, and Marshall Law, but I suggest that we’ve never seen anything quite like this. And I rest the blame squarely on the shoulders of two leading authorities…

The first and most responsible for the state of our nation is our media. They have done everything possible to give this a politically sensational spin and tabloid headlines have fueled a hatred without any sense of personal responsibility. The media has failed to give a mea culpa over the fact that they wrongly rushed to pin this on individuals that must have inspired this person to do this or to say that he obviously was a Tea Party member when in fact he is the opposite of what the Tea Party stands for.

Secondly, I place blame for the continued climate of malevolent hatred between political ideologies that is growing day by day on our President. President Obama is our nation’s leader. He is the person that we turn to in times of crisis and he is the person that is supposed to heal our wounds or change our attitudes about issues through inspired leadership. In the wake of this, President Obama has hardly uttered a word to stop it. He has yet to vehemently call out the media for their portrayal of this as a political attack when there had yet to be any ideology associated with the shooter. He has of yet called for the politicians to stop the leveraging of this for party line benefit. He has not spoken to the hearts of America with an impassioned plea to us all for healing, finding our salvation in whatever our beliefs are or even taken the time to have a true address from the Oval Office while his country is grappling with a horrific tragedy. This is why I ask, “Where are our leaders?”

It would seem that this country is being left to it’s devices for coming to terms with this issue. We are being led in a direction of the media’s choosing and not in a direction of integrity or of searching for the truth. There have been great leaders in our nation’s history… some were great their whole lives and some were born to be great at a time that was not of their choosing. We can look to people such as George Washington who was destined for greatness through his whole life or we can look at George W. Bush who found himself in a position that was unforeseeable and he managed to rise to greatness when he brought our country together just days after September 11, 2001.

Then we fast-forward to today. Here we sit in a state of turmoil that has been boiling for 4 years now. We elected a man on the premise of change and of hope. What have we gotten out of that? We have an uninspired leadership that at times mirrors the end of Bush’s years in office… and that’s when things are going good by today’s standards. When it’s business as usual, we find ourselves questioning whether the President is intentionally trying to do harm to our country or if he is even engaged in his duties to our country. Sometimes it seems like he is not even there, that someone else is making the decisions and he is just a puppet. But then when it’s bad, it feels like he is just sitting back and watching it with an air of indifference to it all.

He is not directly at fault for what happened in Arizona although if one feels Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh’s rhetoric is responsible than we cannot overlook Obama’s hyperbolic speeches… ones in which he called for ‘getting in the face of your neighbors’ or even more contemptible, “If they bring a knife to a fight, then we bring a gun.” President Obama did not cause Jared Lee Loughner to do this by his words any more than Palin, Rush, or Glenn Beck did. The Tea Party did not employ this maniac to do this either. But when it comes to the future of where this country goes from here, President Obama is 100% responsible for the fusion of our country. It is him and only him that can speak to the people as our leader… he is afterall the supposed “Great Unifier” and the “Great Orator.” No more teleprompter speeches… it’s time for some heart-felt words of non-partisan American pride and admiration.

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