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Time to tone down the rhetoric: courtesy of “Top Ten Ways White House Dossier Will Tone Down the Rhetoric”

After the events in Arizona, I took a couple of days off to absorb the news and reflect on what is being thrown around in the media. I struggled with some of the points being made about “inciteful rhetoric” and … Continue reading

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Mugshot of Jared Lee Loughner: Arizona shooter and mass-murderer

This is the face of a deranged man. He is not a Republican, a Tea Partier, or a Democrat… this is Jared Lee Loughner… a sicko, a psycho, and a delusional mass-murderer. This is what evil looks like, not what politics … Continue reading

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Left-wing rhetoric? Right-wing rhetoric? Who’s at fault after the Arizona shooting?

The left is innocent of inciteful rhetoric? Read these twitter posts and think about how the spin of the media may have contributed to this. *YouTube has pulled this video as a “Violation Of Terms Of Service” Hmmmm… I’m not … Continue reading

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