Detroit Public Schools to give out 40,000 laptops to students

According to The Detroit Free Press, the public school system is scheduled to give 40,000 students in grades 6-12 laptops. Well isn’t that priceless!?!… no, actually it does come with a pricetag: $49 million courtesy of you and I. That’s right… the $49 million comes from us via the ARRA Stimulus! On top of the 40,000 laptops there will be 5,000 desktops available for these kids to use as well as 4,300 printer/scanners and more than 500 HP desktop computers for the 138 early childhood classrooms in the district.”


$49 Million later, you too can have a FREE latop!

 Thankfully, these computers are expected to have security measures such as an anti-theft measures installed.

The Ultimate In Laptop Anti-Theft Security


I hope those anti-theft measures work because they have already had some theivery in the school ranks… A teacher from one of the elementary schools, Durfee Elementary School, attempted to pawn her school issued netbook on December 29th. She had only been assigned the computer 12 days earlier! From The Detroit Free Press:

“The DPS Office of the Inspector General investigation said Karen Drysdale-Oriucci, a DPS teacher since 1994, went to American Jewelry and Loan on Greenfield Road on Wednesday to pawn the netbook computer she received from the district on Dec. 17.

Store staff refused to pay the teacher for the netbook –- which is engraved with the DPS “I’m In” logo on its cover -– instead confiscating it and contacting DPS officials.Drysdale-Oriucci was suspended Thursday with pay, pending a disciplinary hearing.”

I feel great giving up tax dollars for this, how about you?

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2 Responses to Detroit Public Schools to give out 40,000 laptops to students

  1. These wing-nuts must stay-up nights thinking up ways to spend our money. And the teacher was suspended wit PAY! What the hell is that?

    Nice find. Thanks for sharing.

    • That suspension with pay stuff is abhorrent in my opinion. When someone is caught doing something like this that is so obvious of an offense, we need to suspend WITHOUT pay until it is properly investigated and they are FIRED! If they get their job back then we pay them retroactive and I’ll throw in a tad extra even(I must be feeling generous today. LOL) but to give them pay while they’re suspended seems like it will be hard to get that money back that they did NOT earn!!! Look up “rubber rooms for techers” on Google and you’ll find stories of teachers in New York working the “suspension with pay” deal for over a decade!!! SICKENING!!!!

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