UFC fighter Jacob Volkmann says he wants to fight Obama next

I LOVE watching UFC, so when I heard about this from The Blaze I discovered that I had a new favorite fighter!!! Jacon Volkmann RULES!!! LOL (Sorry, not very objective of me, huh?)

I would love to see Volkmann get Obama in a Kimura and hold him there until he tells the truth about everything that is sealed in Obama’s secret files of birth, college records, etc. After that, I’m all about a Crucifix beatdown on Obama from the good ole days… Maybe that’s just for the symbolism of the name and my suspicion that he is anything but Christian.

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2 Responses to UFC fighter Jacob Volkmann says he wants to fight Obama next

  1. he is just verbalizing what some folks truly think and some who also verbally express — they just do not get the media attention this man has. free speech is free speech, regardless of whether you agree or disagree. it’s his right.

    • Welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by…

      Well said and I agree. As a matter of point for follow up to this post, Volkmann said that he recieved a “courtesy call” from the Secret Service in the days that followed. He said the agent was polite and rather embarassed to have to ask questions because he understood what Volkmann was saying was a harmless opinion but that it was his job to follow up.

      Please visit again.

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