Liberty by Jordan Page

Here is an excellent song from Joran Page titled, “Liberty”. If you are feeling like We The People are losing our grip on our nation, have a listen to this song. I will be adding this song to my page of “Great Videos”.

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3 Responses to Liberty by Jordan Page

  1. Latina Balasko says:

    I’m having a hard time viewing this information from my iPhone. Maybe you could upgrade the site and make it more accessible from my phone. Thatd be real cool!

    • Latina, thank you for visiting Questioning With Boldness… and thanks for sharing your input.

      I use WordPress for hosting my blog so I am at the mercy of their capabilities for media file sharing. I’m sorry that you’ve had trouble. I’ve been able to manage with my BlackBerry… perhaps a glitch today? When i am able to afford to get my own URL and redirect traffic there, I will make sure to host through a service that has enhanced capabilities for mobile devices. I appreciate your letting me know of your troubles though and I will try to look into it with WordPress for the future.

      Again, thank you for visiting and please come back often.

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