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Third World Mentality?

Copied from Daily Mail in the UK: “A vulture tagged by scientists at Tel Aviv University has strayed into Saudi Arabian territory, where it was promptly arrested on suspicion of being a Mossad spy, Israeli and Saudi media reported Tuesday. … Continue reading

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Obamacare forces 45 hospitals to stop construction… The real effects of Obamacare revealed

A rare double Hat Tip to Conservatives on Fire and The Free Market Project for this gem of a report: “Under the headline, “Construction Stops at Physician Hospitals,” Politico reports today that “Physician Hospitals of America says that construction had … Continue reading


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President Obama’s layoffs at Organizing For America

Via The Blaze and originally from Roll Call: The Democratic National Committee’s Organizing for America has started laying off staff in multiple states as the first phase of a restructuring before the official kickoff of President Barack Obama’s re-election bid. … Continue reading

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An actual letter from Congress to President Obama

This is awesome! Thank you to the Congressional signers of this letter for having the courage to put your names on something meaningful! Now if we treat this like the tip of the iceberg and keep applying pressure like this, maybe … Continue reading

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Nancy Pelosi Says Repeal Of Obamacare Would Be ‘Violence’

This is how frightening the Democrats really are!!! If you disagree that the Democrats are taking over our Healthcare against anyone and everyone’s wishes, please listen to Nancy Pelosi say it herself!!! When the government steps in and takes over … Continue reading

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UFC fighter Jacob Volkmann says he wants to fight Obama next

I LOVE watching UFC, so when I heard about this from The Blaze I discovered that I had a new favorite fighter!!! Jacon Volkmann RULES!!! LOL (Sorry, not very objective of me, huh?) I would love to see Volkmann get … Continue reading

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Valerie Jarrett: Obama Regrets Spending ‘Almost Every Waking Hour in Washington’, Did He?

Hat Tip to Breitbart.tv on this one… Thanks to Mark Knoller of CBS for keeping tabs on the President’s itinerary… President Obama has been in office for 712 days total yet he was out of Washington for 339 of those. … Continue reading

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Liberty by Jordan Page

Here is an excellent song from Joran Page titled, “Liberty”. If you are feeling like We The People are losing our grip on our nation, have a listen to this song. I will be adding this song to my page … Continue reading

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Judge Napolitano: If You Don’t Want The Government To Touch Your Genitals Be Prepared To Be Treated Like An Enemy

Great segment from Judge Napolitano about more continued losses of our freedoms at the hands of over-zealous policy makers. He hits on California, Texas, and the TSA in this short video…

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The Wit Of Fred Thompson

The White House has explicitly told the press pool following President Obama on vacation that they are to take no shirtless pictures of him. I don’t think they’re being careful enough. ANY press encounter without a teleprompter nearby might show … Continue reading

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