Napolitano says the TSA will work ALL 364 days in the year

Does this give you a clue as to how STUPID the people are who President Obama has appointed to positions in his cabinet? Watch as Big Sis Napolitano demonstrates her mastery of the calendar in an interview with Diane Sawyer. I would prefer to post the video player here but ABCnews does a fantastic job of making it impossible for embedding of their videos into WordPress(Must be because bloggers scare them!)

Really? 364 days out of the year? 364…? 364…? By the way… Hey, way to be Diane! You were superb in not missing a beat with the continued cover-up of the Progressive idiocy!Are we using a new calendar with the Progressive regime? Or does the TSA union now have a day off? Let me guess… the one day that Napolitano’s henchmen in blue don’t do their job is the day that convents will send the nuns out to go be “domestic terrorists”? I’m sure that will be the headline that Diane Sawyer will go with anyways.

Napolitano's Blue Crew

Somebody let her know that we use the Gregorian calendar… it’s the one we’ve used for around 430 years now… you know, the one with normally 365 days a year except when we’re feeling really crazy and ADD a day to it every 4 years, not subtract one.   Ah… nevermind, she wouldn’t understand anyways! It’s completely different from the moonbat calendar. 

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