The Wit Of Fred Thompson (Double Play)

During an interview with Colorado’s 9News, President Obama said, “I don’t think there’s a sense that I’ve been successful”.

That’s true. And I believe that sense is called “common”.


Regarding the tax cut deal, Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson complained “we are getting the bum rush”.

Well, if those bums had gotten this done earlier, we wouldn’t need to be rushing it, now would we?

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2 Responses to The Wit Of Fred Thompson (Double Play)

  1. That is great stuff. But I have to plead ignorance here. Who is Fred Thompson?

    • Fred Thompson is wicked funny. He has been around politics going way back to playing a legal cousel role in the Watergate hearings. He served 2 terms as a Senator and was a candidate in the presidential primaries in ’08. He has also acted for a number of years, appearing in movies as well as tv like Law & Order:SVU. Currently, he hosts a radio show and he’s the guy in the AAG commercials that you see on Fox News.
      Check out his stuff on his site:

      I get these “Wit Of The Day”s from his facebook profile.

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