Up to Know Good. The Good, Bad, & Ugly – by MachoSauceProductions

Here’s another AWESOME video from Zo at MachoSauceProductions. Although this one is less political than most of my posts, I am very bothered by the repeated attacks on Christianity that have been going on for some years now. With the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the debates raged hugely on forums. Anyone who supports DADT is a bigot and a homophobe… from there, the discussion devolves into bashing of Christianity, the Bible, Jesus, and religion in general. I have had it with amoral, atheistic, liberal, Progressives who want nothing better than to see religion erased from society. Anyways, on to the video…

 A while back, I posted a video of his titled, “Declaration Of Dependence“. That video is equally as AWESOME… if you missed that one, then after watching this video I suggest checking it out. It is 10 minutes long but if you have the time, you won’t be sorry that you watched it. He goes through every possible reason why he is a Conservative and breaks down the arguments about being black and being a Conservative.

If after watching both videos you want to see more of Zo, he has a Youtube channel set up for Macho Sauce Productions and on it he has 63 of his videos.

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