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Michelle Obama says child obesity is a national security threat

First picked up on theblaze.com… Michelle Obama’s remarks at a news conference on the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act have got to be some of the most disconcerting views into the nanny state ideology coming from the administration of late. In … Continue reading

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Condoleezza Rice schools Katie Couric on Iraq War

Condoleezza Rice educates Katie Couric on the reality of the Iraq War. Always one to put her foot in her mouth, Katie Couric does it again when discussing the reasons for President Bush and his advisors to enter into a conflict with … Continue reading

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“Military Pride Friday” Video: Army Helicopters in action to AC/DC’s Thunderstruck

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The Wit Of Fred Thompson

A new study by Transparency International shows that 25% of people say they paid a bribe during the past year. The other 75% claimed they were just “campaign contributions”.

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Wisdom Of The Day: George Washington

“Happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected.” ~ George Washington

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