Ethics be damned… This is why we threw you out of power!

With Democrat Rep. Laura Richardson acting as Speaker of the House for Nancy Pelosi, things are still just as corrupt as before. This became clear when Republican Rep. Steve Buyer asked to be heard regarding a bill that was going to come before the floor. There was no one in the chamber who objected to him speaking on the matter… well, except for a VERY power hungry Democrat Richardson. Representative Buyer handled the situation well, making poignant and succinct statements as to the way that Rep Richardson was conducting herself. The highlight was when he rightly pointed out,

 “This is why the American people have thrown you out of power!”

Watch the video and observe how politics is conducted even in the absence of the much hated Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi… Same party, same disregard for due process.

As a matter of point, what Rep Buyer is getting at is that there is a bill about to go before the House that has not followed proper course of action. When a bill is introduced, it must go before the proper committee to be vetted and to determine the validity of the bill. In the committee’s time with the bill, there is debate over the pros and cons of the bill and the need for such a bill. Once the committee makes the determination that a bill is worthy of further review, the bill is presented to the house for debate before the entire House(or Senate). If it passes through that  branch of Congress, it then heads to the other branch to undergo the same process.

The skipping of steps to proper legislation is not anything new to the current slate of Dems or the President for that matter. This is yet another example of the betrayal of our republic at the hands of corruption. Until this stuff is cleared up, the government will function like a despotic autocracy and not a government of the people, for the people.

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2 Responses to Ethics be damned… This is why we threw you out of power!

  1. bunkerville says:

    Wow, was that powerful. Great snag.

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