Terror attack in Portland, Oregon averted. A call to end political correctness

Just this past Friday, Portland, Oregon was able to avoid a “man-made disaster”. ……..WAIT! What did I just say? Oh, come on Eric!!! It’s time to drop this PC crap once and for all! Let’s try this again…

The day after Thanksgiving, the FBI was able to thwart a terrorist attack at the hands of yet another deranged muslim terrorist. The FBI was able to convince a Somali-born terrorist by the name of Mohamed(real surprise there, huh?) who was attempting to detonate a van packed full of explosives just outside of a crowded Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. This from the New York Times.

“I want whoever is attending that event to leave, to leave dead or injured,” Mohamud said, according to the affidavit.
Thousands of people gathered Friday on a cold, clear night for the annual event at Pioneer Courthouse Square, a plaza known as “Portland’s living room.”
Just 10 minutes before Mohamud’s 5:40 p.m. arrest, babies were sitting on shoulders, and children cheered at the first appearance of Santa Claus onstage. The tree-lighting went off without a hitch.

We are allowing our country to fall into this desolate place of constant threat by not standing up to political correctness. Let’s be honest, we see a clear pattern here of who the threats are to us. We must not engage in pandering to them or their actions by referring to it as “man-made disasters” as some leaders would have us call it. Instead of lulling ourselves into complacency, we need to awaken our eyes of vigilance and protect our children and families. We must not be afraid to question what is a clear and obvious threat because we’re afraid to be offensive. Which is more offensive… hurt feelings or more lives lost due to PC garbage?

This could happen anywhere and it could be you or your family in the crowd someday. Is there a price that you would put on your families lives? Is that price more than or less than political correctness? Or are they not mutually interchangeable considerations? Why do we have soldiers fighting overseas against these people, yet here at home we can’t call them what they are? Why can’t we actually admit that the problem is with individuals acting in the name of Islam? These are people who are acting on the faith of their muslim belief and this is how they feel their religion has asked them to serve their calling on earth. Why do we not want to state that they are muslims and they are killing us as acts of faith? Are we Americans too dumb to separate radical extremists from moderates? And just where are the voices of these supposed moderates? Why aren’t they taking their religion back by proclaiming these people as psychotic lunatics who deserve only the severest of punishment for betraying their faith? Is there really such a thing as a moderate muslim or are the only “moderates” the Americans who refuse to give up PC language?

If these people aren’t acting on faith, then what is their motivation? Are they making a political statement? Is that an act of war? Afterall, they aren’t targeting Christians or Jews or any particular religion… they are attacking Americans. An attack on Americans, in America, sure seems like an act of war to me. Why not address it as such? Obviously, it is because doing so would not be a politically correct thing to do. Heaven forbid we make someone cry in the name of safety, like the TSA is doing to true Americans in our airports every single day. It’s time to end the harassment of Americans who love their country and to go after the real terrorists. Use some form of discretionary screening procedure that targets the likeness of the real terrorists…. named Mohamed or any version of it, frequent visits to Mid-East countries, unusual flight history,  unusual behavior, one-way tickets,  flying alone, on the no-fly list, or perhaps for even looking strange. If you are a terrorist, you forfeit any rights to a pleasant detainment, too. If we can make innocent American travelers feel like aliens in their own country, we can make your life a miserable hell for as long as you are on our planet.

Time to buck up, America. It’s time to find the courage to call it like it is and identify the terrorists. They go by names like Mohamed Osman Mohamud a whole lot more often than Jane or Joe or Steve or Jennifer. We should no longer detain Jane, Joe, Steve, and Jennifer while we let Mohamed, the man-made disaster maker, avoid a bruised ego or cry about how unfair it is that he was asked a few more questions than the guy ahead of him. If we don’t take the important steps to safeguard ourselves, it will be Jane, Steve, Joe, and Jennifer who will be crying over lost family members because Mohamed wanted to spend eternity with 72 virgins in a self-induced delusional state of heaven.

Personally, I hope those 72 virgins are all named Mohamed and they enjoy their eternal perverted company together.

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