NPR’s Frank Deford has a problem with Driscoll Middle School’s trick play

Yesterday over at NPR, Frank Deford took it upon himself to determine that a completely legal and humorous football play is somehow a “form of child abuse”. This just shows how the way left liberals are so far gone that they want to cry for anything, anyone, anytime now and can’t even be real people anymore. Seriously… there is bleeding heart liberalism and then there is this guy, who apparently all of the blood is gone and it has left him brain dead.

The particular play that Deford went off on is the trick play that the Driscoll Middle School football team pulled off recently. It was a classic “confusion” play, where the coach yells out to the QB when he takes position behind the center. The QB acts confused by what the coach is saying as the center casually hands the ball over his shoulder to the QB who then slowly walks across the line of scrimmage before bolting down the field for a touchdown. The defense was completely unsure of what was going on and by the time they realized the ball was live, they were too late to catch the QB.

For those who aren’t familiar with the play that I am talking about from my description…

Well, to me it is humorous and a classic of epic proportions. To Frank Deford it is something else. From his column at NPR:

“Just like the Driscoll Middle School quarterback, it is perfectly legal to act in a game. But the players who do that in the pros are not embarrassing the opposition. They’re just trying to con the umpire. It’s a benign bit of hustle that would’ve made for some good Aesop’s Fables if old Aesop were around writing a sports blog nowadays.

But the Driscoll team didn’t act instinctively to try to put one over on a ref. The middle schoolers didn’t even come up with the ruse. Their coach dreamed up the play, and even participated in it, hollering from the sideline. The referees weren’t victimized. In fact, they had to play along.

No, it was only the other team’s kids who were embarrassed and belittled by a children’s coach being a wise guy, a bully of sorts. It wasn’t genius at all; rather, it was a form of child abuse. Sure, it was legal, but it wasn’t fair.

Laugh at kids being outslicked by a grown-up, and you’re cruel. That isn’t sport.”

Apparently, Mr Deford:

  •  a. Has never played sports
  •  b. Was always picked last in gym class
  •  c. Only watches soap operas and goes to the ballet
  •  d. Sips cosmopolitans with Joy Behar… frequently
  •  e.  Deserves a swift kick to the junk

Ok, all bullying aside, Deford demonstrates all that is wrong with liberalism today. Using a play in a kids football game as a way to promote his political ideology. Must be because football is so much like violence and war. You know… gridiron, snap, blitz, bomb, chain gang, etc. Or maybe it’s because of the connection to Catholicism… hail mary. You’d think with terms like: tight end, tailback, holding, Stiff arm, huddle, long snapper, pump fake, and dime package, that these libs would love the game! Maybe they hate the game because of the Too many men on the field penalty… you have to figure that Frank Deford can’t get enough men on the field to suit his likes.

Frank Deford took it deep on this one.

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