SSgt. Tim Chambers during Rolling Thunder 2010 – A Marine’s Vigil

Everytime I watch this video, my heart swells with pride and my eyes well with tears. God Bless SSgt. Tim Chambers for the personal calling he has found to honor the veterans that are with still with us and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. And don’t ever forget the POW’s and MIA’s… We can’t EVER forget them!

Rolling Thunder is an annual event that takes place in Washington D.C. and it takes somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 hours for the entire parade of motorcycles to pass by SSgt Chambers… He stands at attention in salute the entire time as a way to honor those who have fallen or never returned.  He continues to this day to participate in this event on his own and is not sent there as a representative… it is his calling. He also fights to honor the soldiers who are wounded and need care through the VA system. We owe these men for their sacrifice and no one demonstrates the power of honor better than SSgt Tim Chambers.

Here is a video of SSgt Tim Chambers discussing the hows and whys of what he does there at Rolling Thunder… (sorry for the poor quality video)

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2 Responses to SSgt. Tim Chambers during Rolling Thunder 2010 – A Marine’s Vigil

  1. fleeceme says:

    Wow, that is good stuff. I never knew this Marine was doing that, but God bless him. Thank you for sharing this. =)

    • Thank you. I came across the video sometime during the late summer and was struck by his honor. Once I learned more about why from the second video of him explaining his reasons, I knew that I had to share his message… This is what makes Americans great and this is what a real hero looks like and does.

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