Which message speaks to you?

Something to think about…

On August 28th, Glenn Beck held an event at the Lincoln Memorial called Restoring Honor. In this event, Beck implored Americans to return to core religious principles like hope, faith, and charity. The event had speakers of multiple faiths share the same message that we must begin to believe in a greater sense of honor and to focus our hearts on returning God into our lives. It wasn’t about politics, nor was it about any one religion being more important than any other. The highlight of the event came at the end when today’s version of a Black Robe Regiment walked out onto the steps of the Memorial. The sheer power of seeing men and women of faith, different faiths, standing together, arm in arm, while Amazing Grace was played on bag pipes and sung by everyone in attendance was incredible. The Rally also had a charitable cause attached to it, Special Operations Warriors Foundation, who received over $6 million in donations through the event. The event drew a contested number of attendees that ranged from 87,000(by CBS) to estimates in the range of over 600,000 people. These people drove, flew, or shared buses that they paid for out of their own pockets because they wanted to attend. The crowd was filled with families who brought their children as well as many veterans who wanted to be a part of a revival of American core values and principles.

By comparison, on October 2nd, there was another event held at the Lincoln Memorial. It was the One Nation Working Together rally. The event drew a significantly lower number of people. According to The Washington Post, Huffington Post, and New York Times, the attendance was in the tens of thousands. Organizers felt it was more like 175,000-200,000 attendees. This event was endorsed by over 400 different affiliations, with many of them holding some sort of anti-American, anti-capitalism, anti-religious, and even anti-family agendas. Some highlights of the list would be: Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America, International Socialist Organization, National Council of La Raza, Chicago Democratic Socialists of America, Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), and Planned Parenthood among many, many others. Also on the list of supporters were a variety of unions. This is of note for a number of reasons: some union bosses told their members that they must attend the event, while others even supplied the buses so that their members would be there; unions have been a huge beneficiary of money from the government regarding pension assistance. Speakers at the event included: Jesse Jackson, Van Jones, Benjamin Jealous, Al Sharpton, Mary Kay Henry, and Richard Trumka. The intent of the event was to demand better jobs, immigration and education reform and as some sort of antidote against the Restoring Honor Rally as well as the Tea Party Movement. Clearly a political event, the highlight of the sponsors was that President Obama’s Organizing For America(formerly Obama For America) endorsed the event. If you type www.organizingforamerica.com into your web browser, you are redirected to www.barackobama.com. Interesting.

Upcoming, there is an event scheduled for October 30th at the East end of the National Mall, that is organized by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Both are hosts of their own shows on Comedy Central and the event is titled Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear. It is being touted as “a rally for the people who’ve been too busy to go to rallies” and is proclaimed to be a retort to the Restoring Honor Rally. Because the event has not been held yet, there is no real way to know who will definitely speak or attend. It is likely to have attendees of people aging in range from early 20’s to 50’s with the majority falling somewhere right in the lower half of that bracket. They aren’t actively soliciting donations, but are suggesting those who wish to donate, can give to the Trust For The National Mall. That is admirable. As for how some of the attendees will get there… Arianna Huffington appeared on The Daily Show and made the announcement that Huffington Post would provide as many buses, up to 100, as is necessary for anyone who shows up to the office building that morning. It is estimated that this will cost around $250,000 for the transportation. Likewise, Oprah Winfrey appeared on The Daily Show and surprised the audience with  free airline tickets as well. 

We have two events already completed and one to go.

Restoring Honor:

  • 350,000-500,000 attendees all paid for their own transportation
  • message of faith, hope, and charity
  • all ages, races, religions 
  • including families with kids

One Nation Working Together

  • attendance from tens of thousands to 175-200,000(see photo below)
  • mandatory attendance
  • transportation paid for by unions
  • message: anti-American, anti-religion, anti-capitalism, anti-family
  • primarily union members, socialist organizers, activists

Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear

  • transportation paid for by Oprah and Arianna Huffington
  • attendees ??? we shall see

Comparison photo of Restoring Honor Rally and One Nation event:

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2 Responses to Which message speaks to you?

  1. Lynde Dodge says:

    And…at the rally, “Restoring America”, the largest thus far, the attendees left the Washington Mall spotsless! no litter! The same could not be said for the “One Nation” event…

  2. Eric Dodge says:

    That is going to be a follow up post that I plan on writing in a few days. I’ll have plenty of pictures for that!

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